Introduction: Describing, Analyzing and Promoting Global Warming Solutions

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This blog is dedicated to the proposition that the global community, with urgency, must accelerate its transition to a clean-energy future. To assist this process, we members of the Middlebury College course "Global Warming Solutions" are developing a portfolio of possible solutions.

Recognizing the unprecedented complexity of this global challenge, we have developed a set of categories for describing, analyzing and promoting global warming solutions.


What is the technology (if any) that underlies the proposed solution? How does it work? Is it currently in use or under development?


What is are the economic characteristics (if any) of the proposed solution? Is it cost-effective? Can one justify a government subsidy for this solution?


What are the political opportunities (if any) associated the proposed solution? Is the solution compatible with the incentives of elected officials?


How might the proposed solution be affected (if at all) by sociocultural factors? How might sociocultural traditions be affected by the proposed solution? What are the opportunities (if any) to strengthen sociocultural traditions by implementing the proposed solution?


On what scales is this solution implemented: individual, local, regional, national, and/or international? At what scales are critical decisions made about this solution: individual, local, regional, national, and/or international?


Are some of these solutions more appropriate in rural areas? Urban areas?

Risk analysis

What could go wrong?