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To President- Elect Obama,

Yes we did! I would like to congratulate you alongside millions of your supporters on your victory November 4. Like you stated that night in your acceptance speech we have so many tasks at hand currently that require nonetheless a bipartisan effort. I realize that this term will require everyone’s upmost participation and at the same time I can’t even imagine the density of the workload.

You stated that night that we have a “planet in peril” and I can’t agree with you more. Over the last couple of years especially you have seen this growing movement to fight global warming, and I write to you as a concerned citizen not only of this country but of this planet. Just as you, I want the world to become aware of our planet’s current dire condition and for everyone to join in this movement to a green future. The views and status of the United States worldwide have decreased rapidly especially in the last couple of years, but I believe that there is hope that this can be turned around. With you as our new leader we, Americans believe that our country now has its chance to reclaim its position on how the world views us as a country, as a world power and once again lead the world to a better future by assuring our participation in this fight against global warming.

With our current dependence on foreign oil, one could only imagine why the switch from oil to alternative energy never actually made the full transition, but change is never too late. Around all of us flourish the many natural resources that are just waiting to be harvested. Solar and wind are two of the greatest alternative energies that we’ve been able to harvest and what’s greater than two energies that are always in abundance, are not owned by anyone, and do not produce any harmful byproduct as a result from using them. It is time that we start to use these energies as if oil simply did not exist and only by having this mindset can we really progress in developing a new energy dependence.

So much can be accomplished in this moment. You have overwhelming support from a bipartisan effort, and from your many supporters that await your guidance to the future. The world too awaits your call and it seems that your message of hope and change has broken down barriers and has found itself within the many nations that surround us.

I urge you to expand your portfolio for measures against global warming with the ideas of scientists worldwide. Now you may already had this in mind way before I even thought about writing this letter to you but unity is definitely the key. Learning from others and how this crisis is affecting them can only help us by pursuing greater advantages in energy. Let’s take Germany’s wonderful use of wind energy and spread that idea around the world. Let’s begin to construct solar panels in desert areas where the sun is inevitable. Let’s construct wind turbines in the Midwest where wind can be harvested in large quantities. The time to begin is now!

The cap and trade proposal sounds optimistic. In reality the only thing that does get people to slow consumption are higher prices, so this seems to be the greatest option. Placing taxes on forms of carbon and oil will raise the price of gasoline and inevitably lower its consumption. Although this benefits the breakaway from these harmful carbon emissions and dependence on foreign nations, we must make sure that people will have other optional resources to fall back on. We need to encourage mass productions of hybrid vehicles from car dealerships and alternative resources from the government to help keep regular vehicles working.

President- elect Obama, I can’t even imagine the stack of papers and schedules of meetings that await your term but I know that you can pull it off. Despite many of the other dire situations that require your upmost attention at this present moment whether it be the economic crisis or foreign wars, know that in this battle towards a cleaner future you will not be alone. We the citizens of the United States of America are ready to continue our movement and eager to see its progress with your leadership. With you as our leader I can almost promise you that it won’t be to long after it starts here that other nations will soon join and everyone will be participate in the cleaning of our planet.

We need to set an example of the collaborative work that needs to be done together by nations to assure that these policies are enacted in every nation. We need to assure the world that they are not in this without us and show that we know first hand that global warming does not stop at borders. By unifying as one world, as one planet, and as one movement I believe we can accomplish anything that we put forward even something as dire as global warming and as you already know, the world is behind you every step of the way. So, when you’re ready to kick off this journey to a greener future and wonder if we can really pull this off, look behind you and you will see all your supports saying “Yes, We Can”!

Sincerely, Jerry Romero Jr. Middlebury College , Class of 2012