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Global Communication for Global Unity

International awareness leads to most definitely international collaboration. In an effort to truly get the world involved, I put forth an idea in which one or two days out of a certain week each citizen around the world calls or tells at least two people what they can do to fight global warming.

I feel that although this may sound a little extreme, our current situation is nothing short of dire. Communication is one of the greatest abilities developed by humanity and seems to be the only true way to spark interest and motivation. Another reason why I feel conversing between people that know each other will work is for that exact reason. People are more inclined to listen to loved ones, neighbors and friends compared to street demonstrators, literature handouts or even government officials. Communication and awareness should be the foremost first objectives accomplished in order to keep a movement alive and to see it carry on through out future years. Also, communication is one deed that can be performed that doesn’t cost anything nor is trouble in accomplishing. The sooner that we can get the whole world involved the faster that we can act upon our current dilemma with the support and awareness of everyone.

One of the first things that would have to be done is the creation of a committee made up people that have any kind of international ties such as can speak another language or maybe actually knows someone or has family who lives elsewhere in the world. Now, although it may seem a little too exaggerated that we could possibly connect with millions of people around the world, don’t ever give up hope. The great thing about humanity is that people are always willing to commit themselves to an effort that they feel requires the support of many and I believe that once the movement is voiced it will undoubtedly spread to all corners of the world.

Currently there is indeed knowledge and awareness of the earth’s current state but I think it’s more known to the governments of the world then to the actual citizens. Many governments may feel that it’s better if they just handle the situation with no need to have support from its people but in reality we were built to help and assume positions where we know that we are working for something way greater than ourselves. With current technology the use of diverse media to spread this idea will be used by the many citizens who feel that maybe oral communication is hindered with barriers. Regular mail, email, text messaging and etc. can be used and will be heavily relied upon in an effort to spread this message further and without limits.

If we truly want participation and the understanding of the true meaning of these “100 days of action” then I feel that global communication with an idea like this is in order. We should make it our first priority to educate citizens around the world and not to allow barriers such as language or beliefs step in our way. We need to realize that we are all people and just like one another we all want to strive for the greater good. We need to set an example of the collaborative work that needs to be done together by nations to assure that each country has something it can contribute and citizens that are ready to stand side by side in this movement. So let’s do it! Let’s strive for global communication and unify in a way that the world has neglected to see can still be done. This is the perfect time to show that we as citizens of our planet have the ability to take care of our home and not allow it to crumble right before our eyes. Let’s also show that the many differences that have separated us over time such as language, belief systems and government power will be the divine things that truly bring us together in the end and although the saying goes “Let’s show the world what we’re made of” I say, “Let’s show each other what we’re made of and how unity makes differences disappear”.

-Jerry Romero