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This action involves promoting the events and ideas behind 100 Days of Action on an international level using American schools and citizens abroad. Promotional materials would be mailed and emailed to the heads of the schools to spark excitement for the initiative. This promotional material would include filmed events that were held during the 100 days, informational videos and pamphlets that elaborate on the intentions of 100 Days of Action in the USA.

The persons involved in the 100 Days of Action program should take a few days to forge connections with the American and International schools which are located in capitals all over the world. This way, there will be interaction with US citizens abroad who will be allowed to participate in the National Teach-In just as American citizens do at home. The purpose of the 100 Days of Action plan would be explained to them and some promotional material and videos would be sent in an attempt to entice their interest in the proposal. Then, through close correspondence and cooperation, the videos, messages and presentations of our events would be sent to these schools that would translate them into the local language (or languages) and distribute them in the local communities. Hopefully, the schools will not simply stop at translation. If they are interested, they may choose to participate with the local communities in creating and carrying out their own 100 Days of Action plan calling for action from their government in their own unique ways.

The many active efforts and events that will be occurring over the course of 100 days are bold ones that celebrate the unity of ideas and support for a green future. If this message could be sent out into different regions, translated into different languages and adopted by other cultures, then the 100 Days of Action will be ever stronger. The 100 Days of Action program is aiming to affect a global crisis: climate change. Therefore, global interaction and cooperation need to occur and mitigation strategies must be adopted all across the world. In spreading this message, international excitement for climate change mitigation would hopefully be induced and support for the new president of the USA who is a definite leader of the cause and the new face of the USA as well. Obama will be represented as showing support for the people all over the world who supported him and rejoice with him in his success.

Connecting with American and international schools abroad will not be difficult as almost all of them have an environmental club or green society of some kind and are always open to new initiatives, especially coming from the USA. Having attended an international school in a big city for 5 years (International School of Caracas, Venezuela), I know from experience that there is a lot of enthusiasm for new environmental ideas that can be collaborated with. This connection would be made with the initial intention of proposing action and it is the initiative of the school and their community whether they wish to carry it out. As a follow-up mechanism, part of this action would involve an international blogging page where schools can confer with each other and with us to share ideas regarding starting initiatives abroad and how to do so effectively. It will also be a good place to share ideas and spark motivation and collaboration between nations and regions of the world. This unity is exactly what is needed for the ultimate goal of the National Teach-In which is to reach the highest political levels to mitigate climate change which needs global attention.

Our message would now be sent across the world and be universally understood, adapted and implemented. The initiative is likely to be contagious on a global scale due to both the urgency of the issue and the great fun of the events! The ultimate slogan to aim for could be: 100 Days of Action: 100 Countries mitigating climate change!