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                                 Welcome to the Global Warming Solutions Wiki

This is the place where we meet to share ideas and create knowledge.

Introduction: Describing, Analyzing and Promoting Global Warming Solutions

Research Tools

Research Tools (Databases, Search Engines, & Other Starting Points for Finding Good Information)

Finding Solutions to Global Warming

Agricultural Management



Carbon Storage and Sequestration

Conservation and Efficiency

Forest management


Geothermal Power

Green Building

Nuclear Energy

Solar Power



Wind Power

Leaders in the Fight against Global Warming

Al Gore

Bill McKibben

Leading organizations in the Fight against Global Warming

Focus the Nation

National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions

Letters to the next President of the United States

Noah Brautigam

Charlie Brewer

Kate Burchenal

Rachel Callender

Bianca Dragone

Steph Gill

Lea Lai

Yen Le

Edwin Merino

Stephanie Pons

Nial Rele

Jerry Romero

Jacob Udell

Nick Zhao

100 Days of Action

In this section, the students in FYSE1239 suggest fifteen alternative actions

Noah Brautigam's action

Charlie Brewer's action

Kate Burchenal's action

Rachel Callender's action

Bianca Dragone's action

Steph Gill's action

Lea Lai's action

Yen Le's action

Edwin Merino's action

Stephanie Pons's action

Nial Rele's action

Jerry Romero's action

Jacob Udell's action

Nick Zhao's action

Making Plans for 2009

The coal march

The coal march is an idea

Use website ... each march have own page ... create space and opportunity similar in goals, different in specifics ...

We're here to bring people into the picture ... people-centric, not about institutions ... as Gandhi points out, empowering the enemy to see ...

A motto ... with subtitles .... Moving, marching .... beyond coal ...?

To a new tradition ... to replace, revive, rebuild ... u

Steph -- what is the ask ..?

Think about the opposition ... the power