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Dear President Barack Obama,

Congratulations on your successful bid for presidency. It has been exciting to watch the presidential race unfold in the last few weeks. I admire your ability to inspire such a large and diverse demographic. This country is ready for change and a new direction.

In your campaign, you stressed the importance of the environment and the necessary steps in order to stabilize it. You proposed an increase of green collar jobs, a decrease of imported energy, and most importantly, the reduction of greenhouse gases by 80 percent by 2050. In order to accomplish these goals, you will need to implement a portfolio of global warming solutions.

The global climate crisis needs to be addressed through a variety of solutions. It will require the collective collaboration of international governments concerning a variety of adaptive and mitigative solutions. Available technologies, including wind power and green building, must be efficiently implemented and expanded. Wind technology has the potential to be the universal energy source. Wind power potential is estimated to be 72 TW, which is sufficient to supply the entire world with energy. The encouraging energy potential and economical benefits of wind power would make the impact of wind power expansion substantial. This country can go green through many alternative methods such as green building. Green building is financially beneficial and will create jobs in numerous industrial sectors. We need to turn this country from red and blue to green by bridging party lines and developing non-partisan climate policies.

As for the international politics of global warming, the United States must be an active player in determining international policies. The lack of participation in the Kyoto Protocol reflected the irresponsibility of United States. We need to be active in the global forum and set a standard at future talks in Bali and Copenhagen.

Some will ask when we shall start. Now is time for action, Mr. President. Your first one hundred days shall set a precedent for the next four years. These first days need to be met with action and efficiency. This country cannot afford to procrastinate any longer. President Obama, I feel that you, as a true leader, will be willing to make the sacrifices that will bring this country out into the light from the darkness that has entombed us. However, with your sacrifices, you must also remind the people that it is our responsibility as citizens of the world to make the same sacrifices. The global climate crisis is universal and it will require everyone to make sacrifices.

The world must work to adapt to current climate problems, yet it is must also be responsible for mitigating further climate destruction. The United States must set an example for the rest of the world. Yes, we can solve the world’s climate problem and I hope that some day we can say, Yes We Did!

Best wishes,

Nick Y. Zhao