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Directory, Peace Corps Volunteers

Nepal II - Panchayat Development, 1963-1965

Name Current Address, Phone, Email Current Biodata 1963 PCV Trainee Biodata
John g. Anderson - Deceased -
David J. Baraga Home:
2543 Colony Circle
St. Cloud, MN 56303
1321 No. 13 street
St. Cloud, MN 56303
Current info. (DB 3/14/07 -
Norman Bramble Unit 11-A
Villa Soledad, P.Burgos
Escopa, Quezon City
Philippines 1109
(good 1998; MF 2/12/06) -
Phil (Jesse) Brandit
(from Drexler 8-20-06)
Jesse and his wife, Suzi, are temporarily living in Thailand, but will be returning to Nepal to live sometime in the Spring. Suzi is managing a condo village on the beach somewhere, but finds it too much work for too little pay. Jesse is an international consultant - UNFPA and other organizations. (DM 12/15/06) -
Bob Buettner - Deceased -
A. Peter Burleigh 2300 Riverlane Terrace
Ft. Lauderdale FL 33312
(954) 327-2912
Retired from Department of State in 2000.Current info (APB 3/20/07)) -
Chris Cluett 2226 Harvard Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98102-4155
(H): 206-320-8426
(O): 206-528-3333
(C): 206-335-8426
Wife Suzanne (Nepal IV) deceased 1/3/06. Two boys, Nate (wife Vivian), living in Seattle and Jon, an orthopedic surgeon living in Williamstown, MA. I’m still working for the Battelle Seattle Research Center after 31 years. -
Larry Daloz 6299 Hinman Dr.
Clinton, WA 98236
(H): 360-341-3841
(C): 360-929-4850
- -
Terry Deklotz - Deceased 1984 -
Toy Drexler 2726 Woodley Pl. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008
(C) 707-290-3946
Wife Melodia. I am living half in Manila and half in Washington DC and the other half in California and Seattle where our daughters are living. I am working for the European Commission helping the Philippine Department of Health begin a devolved provincial level Health Sector Reform Project. -
During, Stuart M. ("Stu") Powell, Timothy W. ("Tim")
Ecker-Racz, Nicholas M. ("Nick") Reese, Bobby D. ("Don")
Emery, Richard B. Rosenberg, David A.
Farmer, Charles M. ("Mike") Smith, Thomas B. ("Tom")
Franklin, John W.Jr. Smith, Murray G. ("Gregg")
Gall, Pirie M. Sumners, Charles A. ("Charlie")
Gibney, Jon M. Ullmann, Stuart E. ("Stu")
Gleason, John J.("Jack") Wallace, Frank L.
Hahn, Zachary M. ("Zach") Wood, Joseph M.
Heign, Ted L Zank, Richard M. ("Ric")