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Think of all the great knowledge your organization has. You may have lots of goodies stored on the servers, in people’s e-mail folders, and in their heads. You may feel confident that your firm has standard processes, but are they instantly accessible?

There are three common problems. 1) is not having a good way to get this knowledge out of people’s heads and into a central standard system. 2) is not having this great knowledge someplace so it’s instantly accessible at your employee's fingertips. 3) is not being able to repeat it.

What’s needed is a smart and dynamic place for your knowledge. It needs to be easy for your teams to get instant access to the details of how to get work done well and why they are doing it. Once this is in place, then it’s a matter of setting up sessions for the subject matter experts to migrate their knowledge into the central system. The process knowledge should be stored contextually with the action steps. For example, PIEmatrix provides a way to store detail knowledge inside each action step object. All the user needs to do is to hover over the step to get a pop up of the process tips and tricks.

The next part is repeatability and scale: PIEmatrix makes it easy to repeat your set of knowledge content over and over for like-projects and like-business processes.

Now think of your stakeholders, partners, and end-customer team members. Imagine that they too have instant access to know what to do next. This is powerful!

Make your accumulated knowledge repeatable so any of your team members in the world can kick off a new project with the latest and greatest know-how.