What your Department should discuss before/when using PIEmatrix

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  • Tags: agree on the tags. They act as the keywords by which you search for a project. Be mindful not to use for example HR and Human Resources. When searching you would need to remember to search for both HR and Human Resources to find all projects that relate to Human Resources. Also be mindful of spelling - tags cannot be deleted...
  • Naming of Projects: If you have a numbering convention or naming convention that you are using for your projects or do not have one yet at all - make sure everybody in your department knows the preferred naming method, e.g., by employee number, by project number, by area to which project belongs, etc.
  • Naming of Roles in Templates: it might be best to create role names that have a common theme at the beginning, e.g., HR Benefits Specialist, HR Retirement Specialist, HR... so that all roles related to your area show up together when you are assigning roles to steps, this will make the role assigning much faster
  • More on Roles: you are setting up a template because you will use this process again - imagine that people involved in the project change - now come up with a name for the type of person who will do this step no matter whether this year it is Sarah who is doing these steps and next year it is John because Sarah moved on - you want to have a name for the role that makes it clear what type of person should be assigned to this task