Why PIEmatrix and not my xls/doc/tasks etc. list?

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  • Excel is made for math formulas and data, word is for writing, PIEmatrix is for running projects and processes....
  • We are all very visual -
    • PIEmatrix gives you the to-do list if you want it AND it helps you to visually break up the process into "chapters" that help to conceptualize the different pieces of the project
    • It is much more pleasing to the eye
  • Dependencies - We need to know what needs to happen before we can do the next step - PIEmatrix allows you to create dependencies of steps AND sends you an email when your step can be done, i.e., the steps it is dependent on have been completed
  • We might need additional documents - PIEmatrix allows us to upload those files (or links) so that we don't have to search for them in our email, the server, ...
  • Nobody likes nagging - PIEmatrix reminds others (and you) when steps are due so you don't have to remind them
  • Collaboration - Excel or Word etc. are not collaborative; you cannot even work in them at the same time (unless you use google docs)
  • Repeated use - Pie is made for repeatable best practices that can improve over time, xls/doc lists are not
  • Manage workload - PIEmatrix shows the to-do's for each member in your group AND allows you to plan the project looking at the timeline and who has to do what in any given timeline
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