Available Templates

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  • PIEmatrix has a "Community" were users have already and can upload templates too. You find the "Community" by clicking on "PIE Templates" on the top and then on "Template Community" written in dark blue on the right side
  • Whenever you use an existing template in your PIEmatrix instance - be mindful not to change it if other users are using it as well, instead copy it and make the adjustments to this new template that is now 'yours'
  • For Middlebury College Users:
    • The "EZ PM" template available in each Business Unit has just three slices called "Plan", "Execute", "Close", this is a good start for any new project. If you would like to use this template as a basis to create a new project in the template area, just copy the "EZ PM" template
    • There are several calendar based templates for the calendar year or by fiscal year
    • There are some imported templates like "Annual Marketing Plan", "Grant Management", "RFP Process"