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==[[What your Department should discuss before/when using PIEmatrix]]==
==[[What your Department should discuss before/when using PIEmatrix]]==
==[[Need Technical Help with your Project?]]==
==Need Technical Help with your Project?==
PIEmatrix provides the best resources for technical questions about PIEmatrix use so you can get help when you need it:
*Videos: Most pages have a link to a video on the upper right-hand side (white area) with a video specific to the page you are on.
*Tips: Most pages also have "Tips" which explain the main parts of a page right next to the video link
*Help Center: Click on "Help" on the upper right-hand side for access to the software's own Help Center
*Live Chat: the link can be found at the bottom right of the Help Center when you are logged into PIEmatrix.com
*Phone support: 802.318.4891
*Email support: [mailto:support@piematrix.com support@piematrix.com]
== Wiki Edit Help ==
== Wiki Edit Help ==

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Purpose of the PIEmatrix Wiki

Welcome to the PIEmatrix Wiki. This Wiki contains publicly accessible documentation contributed and maintained by anybody interested in working with PIEmatrix.

What goes in the PIEmatrix Wiki?

Guidelines for consistency

Who can contribute content to the PIEmatrix Wiki?

What to use PIEmatrix for

Why PIEmatrix and not my xls/doc/tasks etc. list?

Sample PIEmatrix Projects

Getting Access to PIEmatrix

Any Interested User

At Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium Schools

Usage Policy

PIEmatrix Login and Use

Your Own Settings

Email Settings

Log Out Timer


Getting Started

Layers versus Pie Slices versus Boxes versus Steps

Some Editing Suggestions

Issues versus Risks

Stacking of Projects


How to Stack


What are Templates?

When do you create boxes/steps in a template vs. a project?

What do you do in Templates vs. Projects?

Available Templates

Duration in Templates and how it effects Live Projects

What your Department should discuss before/when using PIEmatrix

Need Technical Help with your Project?

Wiki Edit Help