Some Editing Suggestions

From PieMatrix Wiki
  1. When you start a new project, it might be easiest to first think about the major pieces of your project - make those into Boxes
  2. Write down the steps you have in mind, add the first step, write down the step, hit enter, write the next step, hit enter, etc.
  3. When the steps start falling off your screen, think about creating a new Box to break down the steps into manageable chunks
  4. Re-read your steps, order them so it makes sense to you, then assign people (when you are working in Projects) or roles (when you are working in Templates) by opening the first step, assigning the person/role. Then notice the little blue arrows on the bottom of the wizard which allow you to move to the next step to assign a person/role, move to the next step, etc.
  5. Think about duration of a step, again click on the first step and edit the duration, then move down within the wizard to the next step. Duration should take into account not just how long the task takes but how long it will realistically take for somebody to get to it, do it, let you know that it is done - this means a 20 min tasks might need a 5 day duration...
  6. Are there steps that are dependent on a different step? Set that dependency by clicking on the Link when you hover over the step that is dependent on a different step; if the steps are sequenced, i.e., Step 1 needs to be done for Step 2 to happen which needs to be done for Step 3 to happen etc., then you can "Sequence" all the steps in a box by clicking on the gear in the lower right-hand corner of the box and clicking on "Sequence Steps"
  7. Are there any documents or links you'll need? Add them by clicking on "Files" when you hover over the appropriate step
  8. Last, but not least, when you are in a Project (not a template), go to the "Planning" tab (on the right side) and start planning by entering dates, make sure to click on the first slice so that no boxes can be seen, that will ensure that you see all steps in all slices and all boxes when you are planning the timeline for the entire project