What do you do in Templates vs. Projects?

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Assuming that this is a project you will do again and you thus would like a template that is as good as it gets so that the next time around it will be as easy as pie... to create a new project:

  • Templates:
    • Add / Delete / (Re)name Slices
    • Add / Delete / (Re)name Boxes
    • Add / Delete / (Re)name Steps and add descriptions to steps
    • Changing position of any of above
    • Assign roles to the steps
    • Update duration of a step
    • Set dependencies between steps
    • Upload files that are used as templates, instructions, etc.
  • Projects:
    • Assign the actual people who will fill the roles assigned in the template (you do this by clicking on the blue "Info" button on the upper right-hand side
    • Set dates