Why PIEmatrix and not Basecamp?

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  • Basecamp is a list of tasks which allows you to assign other people to tasks, communicate with them, and upload files
  • PIEmatrix is all of the above and more:
    • It is much more pleasing to the eye
    • It allows for complicated projects to be managed across multiple layers to allow for the big picture and at the same time to break it down to the smaller parts the individual users need
    • Those smaller parts can be broken up into "slices" and "boxes" (or "chapters" like in a book) - these "chapters" help to conceptualize the different pieces of the project
    • It creates process flows
    • It is made for repeatable best practices that can improve over time
    • It keeps all knowledge from processes so that transition of processes/projects/jobs from one person to another becomes much easier
  • PIEmatrix helps you complete your Wish List, Basecamp helps you complete your Task List
  • Lots of peoples Wish List is to:
    • Improve productivity
    • Get more done with the same resources
    • Increase revenue or reduce cost
    • Keep all knowledge from processes in a place that allows others to pick up the content quickly

=>PIEmatrix can make this happen