Application Options

From LS Student Workers

In the online application, how do I know which school I am applying to in the drop down menu?

  • LSAP #1 - Application for summer language session for undergraduate level course credit (7 week or 8 week programs)
  • LSAP #2 - Application for graduate studies program, summer only (6 week MA programs)
  • LSAP #3 - 6 week DML + year abroad)

For MA in Mediterranean Studies applications: Choose Application #2. For “Program Selection,” under “Indicate the school and program” choose first language (Language School A); then, if applying to DML, indicate that you are applying to MA in Mediterranean Studies, option choice and second/Language School B language.

E.g. MA in Med Studies, Option 1, Language B Spanish

Note: If you have access to Banner, it can be useful to create a new application yourself to see exactly where the person is in the process.