From LS Student Workers


Middlebury College Language Schools, this is ______. How may I help you?


1.Tell the recipient that you are transferring the call.
2.Push ‘inquiry' button.
3.Dial extension or hit the extension button on the right
4.Wait for the 2nd recipient to pick up and tell them that you’re transferring a call. 5.Push the 'Transfer' button.

Note: If you reach the answering machine instead, push “C”, then push Access 1 to get back to the original recipient. Inform him/her to leave a message or take a message.


Always check for and attend to new voicemail.
Push “Message Waiting” button or dial 2100. The password is 6969.

Useful commands:

  • press 5 to hear new message
  • press 3 to delete message

Note: Once you have attended to any new messages, delete the message so that the next student worker knows which messages need to be responded to. If you cannot attend to a message before your shift ends, leave a note for the next person.

Making a call

Dial 82-17-65-43#9 and then dial normally. For on-campus calls, just dial the 4 digit extension.