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Every summer, some students stick around Middlebury to assist professors in their scholarship. Maybe you should, too!

  • Why might I want to do this?

If you're considering going to grad school, want to dive deep into an uncharted area of computer science, and/or want to experience Vermont's fantastic summers. (The last reason is probably not sufficient on its own.)

  • How do I do this?

Around February, the department will send email containing a list of professors looking for students to work with them over the summer, a description of the research topics/projects they are planning, and a form to submit applications. After you fill that form out, faculty members will decide whom to hire (which may involve individual meetings with professors) over the next couple months. It is completely acceptable for you to discuss your research interests with faculty, and even commit to a summer research position, well before the initial email announcement. After committing, both faculty and student will need to fill out a form (see URO website below).

  • Logistics

Summer research internships usually last between 10 and 12 weeks, though the precise duration is negotiable between the student and professor. Likewise, specific start and end dates are negotiable. One factor affect start dates is housing: students who do not start the day after commencement (literally) are required to move all their stuff off campus after they leave and before they return. Students may live either on-campus or off; in either case rent is due from the student. Dining halls are accessible over the summer, but not at the extreme ends, so beware. Pay rate is set by the college.