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BannerWeb Faculty Functions

  • Access teaching schedule & course details, e.g., capacity, enrollment, waitlists, etc.
  • Obtain a list of students in each course faculty is assigned to
  • Review advisees’ schedules and transcripts
  • View or search the course schedule

Accessing BannerWeb

1. From the Monterey Institute Home Page,

  • To protect your privacy, always exit and close your browser after each use.

2. You will be prompted for your User ID and PIN to enter the secure area. To do so, enter:

Your 8-digit College Banner ID# which is your User ID.

Your Date of birth as your BannerWeb PIN (mmddyy).

Once you have entered the secure area, you will be prompted to change this to a unique number of your choosing.


3. You will be prompted to select a unique PIN once you have logged in:


4. You will also be asked to create a reminder question and answer to be used in the future should you forget your PIN. This way, you can reset your PIN yourself if you forget, by clicking the
“Forgot PIN?” button on the BannerWeb access page.

  • If you incorrectly enter your User ID/PIN 5 times, you will be locked out. The Helpdesk can reset your account for you. If you need PIN-related assistance, please contact the Helpdesk at 831-647-6656.
  • Once you click “Submit”, you will enter the secured area where you will have access to your Faculty or Adviser information as well as your Personal information. You will want to keep your User ID and PIN confidential!

Faculty & Advising Menu Selections



1. View Class Rosters via “Detail Class List”, “Summary Class List”, or “Downloadable Class Roster”:

Term Selection

Select the term you plan to work in at the beginning of your session, or the system will ask you which term when you choose other options from the menu. Submit your term choice.


Course Reference Number (CRN) Selection

This is a unique (5-digit) number assigned to each course section. When you click on the Class List or Wait List links, you will be asked to select the course section/course reference number of the course roster you wish to access. Only the courses for which you are assigned will be available in the drop down menu box for you to pick from.

Summary Class List, including enrollment counts


Detail Class List

The Detailed Class List provides similar information along with the student’s program, major, & language of study, etc


Downloadable Class Roster

Creates a convenient spreadsheet of students enrolled in your course for you to modify as needed. Click on the Download Class Roster link at the top of your roster.



If there are students on a waitlist for your course, they can be displayed in BannerWeb much like class rosters: Detail Wait List or Summary Wait List.


Faculty Schedule by Day and Time

From your Faculty Services Menu, you can also look at your teaching schedule by Day and Time for a given term or week.

Enter a date in the box to the right that is within the term you are teaching.

Use Next Week or Previous Week links to see changes in your schedule from there.


Faculty Detail Schedule

Shows your enrollments for the class and you can connect to your Summary Class Roster and Waitlist, if any.


Look Up Advisee Information

Go to the Student Advisee Information Menu link in the middle of the Faculty/Advising Services menu.

From here you can link to a list of your advisees – their schedules, general student information (see below), as well as their academic transcript.

  • Note: If you are not assigned as the student’s adviser, you cannot see this information.


Exit BannerWeb when you are finished