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  • Deadline: January 5 (J-term classes begin)


  • Worked on the development of a new Moodle theme for roll-out by J-term using a [non-MIIS dev site] (Kristen)
  • Established a dev server space for TLC and Help Desk to experiment with newer versions of Moodle platform (John & Trinidad)
  • Developed Help Desk strategy for Moodle questions & course requests (Sarah & Greg)
  • Revised the Moodle 5 Easy Steps info page with Spring 09 dates (Sarah)
  • Created two basic Course Templates - faculty can request basic course templates in the course request form (Sarah & Anna)
    • Uploaded some generic images for templates (Sarah & Anna)
    • Could benefit from a little dress up (Bob)
  • Coordinated sessions w/Greg to get him up to speed on Moodle Basics including user mgmt, course request process, FAQs (Sarah)
  • Course request process - revised the form and info for Help Desk routing (Kristen)
  • Worked with IT to determine the source of the course back-up / restore problem we continue to encounter [solved by Trinidad]
  • Revised the course request form for ease of use and routing through the Help Desk (Kristen)
  • Establish admin access to the current Moodle server (Kristen w/Trinidad)
  • Coordinate with Anna of TLC team on Jan Moodle training schedule for Dean Assts & IB faculty (Bob)
  • Get the word out about Spring Training (Bob)
  • Tweak background color/gradient image leading into background color (Kristen)
  • Adjust font sizes to look better on PCs (Kristen)
  • Add Moodle Zoo (MIIS course examples to the 5 easy steps) (Sarah)
  • Fix iTunes U quick link (Kristen)

Tabled for now

  • Update default course settings for ease of use
  • Personal profile settings override course settings when it comes to tracking/flagging new items - change default profile settings to track new items
  • Consider using Google forms to upload a batch course request as a .csv file
  • Revise default course and user settings, specifically:
    • User default tracking posts setting should be turned on by default (Sarah's suggestion)
    • Tie-in possible course templates to course settings selection
  • Research off-site hosting costs with Moodlerooms (Bob & John G)

Moodle 1.9 Upgrade

  • Upgrade to newer version of Moodle 1.9x - hold off until Summer 09
    • delaying the upgrade will allow us to discover problems before faculty do