Staff Advisory Team Meeting Notes November 18, 2009

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otes November 17, 2009 Present: Edy, Rafael, Rachel, Devin, Kenley, Lynn, Amy, Trinidad

Proposed Changes to Benefits (effective July 1 2010) Eligibility for holiday pay begins on date of hire. Staff receive time and half plus holiday if they must work on holiday. MIIS will observe: Jan 1, MLK Day, Thanksgiving and Friday, Christmas eve afternoon and day, three floating holidays (Memorial, July 4, and Labor). [Bank of CTO days is three days larger.] MIIS closed between New Years and Christmas. Combined Time Off: Combines vacation and sick days. Right now we have different accrual rates for different status groups. Length of service (0-2 years 26 days, 2-10 years 31 days, 10-15 years 36 days, 15-20 years 40 days). CTO accrual begins on date of hire. CTO hours taken are considered hours worked for purposes of overtime calculation. CTO accrual ceases when employee reaches 25 days. If you are about to lose CTO, you can move it into sick leave, so you don't lose it. When you retire, hours in sick leave reserve is converted into days of insurance coverage. Will allow transfer of sick hours to colleague. Currently acquired sick leave will go into sick leave reserve. Can use sick leave for purposes already defined under current plan (caring for child, dr appointments) Bereavement Leave: Currently can take up to five days, counting against sick days. New policy allows up to three days, doesn't count against CTO. Medical Leave policy: Designates how many hours a person can give or receive. (See MIDD website.)

Meeting with Board: Amy has requested meeting between SAT and board. May take place in January or the following meeting.

Rachel distributed list of initiatives, including some that weren't included on the executive summary.

Rachel, Edy, Trinidad will meet with HR December 1. Will offer SAT as support for management to give tours, etc. Have a hard or soft copy of phone list, calendar, who to go for what, org chart for campus, plus staff bios and photos on website, and idea of including interviews of new students on MIIS@work. Lynn suggested development of movie for new employees.

Lynn will work with SAT as a consultant.

Submit reimbursements to Barbara.

Rachel will be out of the office for the Dec 4 First Friday Lunch. Who would like to take her place?

Devin suggested we have regular "recess" during lunch. Tie it in with First Friday? Weather permitting. Rafael will take December.

Exit interview with Gail was kind of a non-event.

Rachel will chair December.